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Purchase order tracking
Purchase order tracking
Follow up orders from material preparation to delivery.
Professional in shipping, fast delivery, packed well in container.
Professional manufacturers
Professional manufacturers
Specifications and marks can be produced according to customers’s requirements.Being in this field for 12 years, has very good relationship with factories.
Personalized service
Personalized service
Quality assurance,reaasonable prices, service country of origin, experience technical staff, excellent product performance.
There are emergency stocks for regular size perennially.This to save time for you.

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Shandong Lisheng Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a new generation enterprise committed to the hardware industry.Located in Jining, Shandong Province,the hometown of Confucius and Mencius. The company is a professional hardware supporting enterprise integrating design,research and development,production and sales.The main products are chains and wire ropes and their accessories:shackles,turnbuckles,clips,loops,spring hooks and other forged parts And castings,and accept drawings and samples for processing.


Domande e risposte frequenti sul morsetto a U per funi metalliche

1. What is Wire Rope U Clamp? Wire Rope U Clamp is a device used to secure wire ropes, usually used for hoisting, towing and ot
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Qual è la differenza tra gancio a forcella e gancio a occhiello

A clevis hook refers to a hook with a U-shaped attachment point or coupling with holes to thread a pin through and assemble your rigging—Many people like the removable pin to assemble and disassemble rigging quickl
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Conoscenza degli argani manuali

Manual winches are a type of winch that are powered by human force rather than an external power source. They are commonly used in applications where electricity or hydraulics are not available or feasible. Manual win
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Conoscenza della catena G80

"G80 chain" refers to a type of lifting or hoisting chain that is made from a specific grade of alloy steel known as Grade 80. The "G80" designation indicates that the chain is manufactured using stee
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